10-11 Dec 2015 - 75012 Paris (France)

Organizers: Marja-Leena Linne (Tampere University of Technology) and Alain Destexhe (CNRS UNIC).


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Astrocytes have been shown to participate in a variety of brain functions. These include homeostasis, metabolism, plasticity of neuronal networks, neuronal survival in pathological circumstances, and neurovascular coupling. Since astrocytes extend their processes into close proximity to synapses, it has also been proposed that they take an active role in synaptic transmission and formation of new synapses – important in for example learning and memory. The complexity of dynamic neuron-astrocyte interactions on both molecular and cellular levels is overwhelming. This creates a demand for detailed, integrative computational models for advancing our understanding of functional contribution by astrocytes in the nervous system.

This workshop aims to address interdisciplinary and complementary tools and approaches necessary to better understand the roles of astroglia in brain functions. We will particularly focus on the capabilities of theoretical and computational modeling to facilitate the cross-talk between experimentally and theoretically oriented researchers. We will also discuss controversies observed in experimental findings presented by different laboratories, as well as limitations imposed by experimental techniques. Moreover, we want to discuss criteria for successful computational glioscience models, in order to endorse reproducible science.

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